Lena is the Queen of Palestina

Transmigrated Klezmer Tune

In the Bronx of New York City
Lives a girl who´s very pretty,
Lena is her name.
Such a lovely girl is Lena,
How she plays her concertina
Really is a shame.

She is a swell musician,
She has a good position
To go across the sea and entertain.
And now they say that Lena
Is down in Palestina,
And things are never going to be the same:

They say that Lena is the Queen of Palestina,
Just because she plays her concertina,
She plays it day and night,
She plays with all her might,
She never gets it right,
But how they love her, want more of her.

I heard her play once or twice,
Oh murder, but she was nice.
They say that she was fat but she got leaner
Playing on her concertina
Way down Palestina way.