Adon Olam

Musik: Uzi Hitman und Oded Ben-Hur
Text: Rabbi Shlomo ibn Gabirol

Adon olam, asher malach
B´terem kol y´tsir nivra
L´et na´asa b´chef tso kol
Azai melech azai melech sh´mo nikra

V´acharey kichlot hakol
L´vado yimloch nora
V´hu haya v´hu hoveh
V´hu yih´yeh b´tifara

Master of the Universe,
Who reigned before any form was created,
At the time when His will brought all into being,
Then was His Name proclaimed.

After all has ceased to be,
He, the Awsome One will reign alone.
It is He Who was,He Who is
And He, Who shall be in splendor